Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat smell my feet and I will give you something good to eat..LOL



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Monday, August 24, 2009

meet my friend Stef

*purrrs* One of my favorite phone lovers called me today. I was so excited
to hear his sexy voice on the other end. He has such a way of making me cum!

I gave him the total GFE he's come to enjoy & we had a wonderful afternoon phone date. He told me to lay back so he could undress me & had me close my eyes to feel him beside me. Then he had me lick my finger & told me to
trace my nipples as if he was there sucking on them till they got hard. *shivers* That is so sexy!

Eventually after he worked me up into a frenzy by having me touch myself all over - he allowed me to play with my pussy for him. By the time I finally got to put even one of my fingers on my clit I was ready to have the most incredible orgasm ever!

I came so hard! Thank you so much my Virgo Master! You know who you are.

*Hugs & Kisses*

PS: I want to share with all our readers & fans out there a very special
drawing that my Virgo Master made of me. Hope everyone enjoys it as much
as I did. Take a look at the photo he took inspiration from. *blushes*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Site

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I fucked Sarah's Dad

Sarah, is a really good friend of mine. I have been to her house several times and met her dad. Her dad is I must say is incredibly hot and built. He is also very nice. He introduced himself to me, and he invited us girls out to dinner and get to know me since after all I was gonna be Sarah's new roomie.

She was moving out of her dad’s house and she and I were going to move in together in an apartment. He was just so hot, I was afraid to blush when I talked to him, but I think I kept it pretty cool. So for the next several weeks I would go to the house to help Sarah pack up and get everything setup. One day, I was walking down the hallway and I bumped into her dad, he accidentally grazed my boob and I just got so turned on. He apologized and we started chatting there on the hallway while Sarah was in the garage packing more boxes.

He was being really flirty and he told me that I was pretty. It could have come out as creepy, but he just pulled everything off with such charm. After a few more days of flirting (Sarah of course is oblivious to all of this ), it was the big move day. Her dad helped us of course and we brought almost everything to the new apartment.

Now, there were still some things to be moved but her dad was gonna drop them off a few days later when he had the time. Her dad called and said he was on his way to drop off the remainder of the boxes, I told him that Sarah had just left to work, but for him to come anyway. He came and unloaded the truck. He and I put the remainder in the boxes in the living room and we were so exhausted. We sat on the couch and had a few beers to cool down and relax. We began to talk and the would occasionally grab my hand. Then his hand moved to my leg and he began to rub it.

Before I knew it, we started to make out. It was so incredibly hot! He began to feel my breasts and I got on top of him. I took of off my shirt and he started to suck my tits. We both got completely naked and I went down on him. He also went down on me, and he was fingering me and playing with my clit. I came so hard it was incredible!! I think the fact that it was wrong made it that much more exciting. At this point we were on the living room floor (it was carpet ) . He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy and I got so wet. Then he put penetrated my pussy with his huge cock. It felt so good!!! We fucked so good, I couldn’t believe it! He was also playing with my nipples and it was so hot. He started off fast, and then he just slowed down and went deeper in me and it made me come. It was the best orgasm ever. He also came in me. I could feel the cum drip out of my pussy and it was on my thighs. We occasionally had sex after that when Sarah wasn’t home. She still doesn’t know.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My P.E Teacher

Ok so it was my last year of high school. We had gotten a batch load of new teachers to take us for various subjects. Luckily I got the hot, straight out of P.E. teacher "Mr. Yip". He was 24 I was 18. He would let us call him Brian, as we really didn’t have any respect for him as a teacher. I went to an all girls high, and yes majority of the time the girls in P.E. class and wood work where lesbians. I chose P.E. for the ski trip during Winter break.

As Winter break approached we organized accommodation. I hadn’t handed in the check to pay for it, so one afternoon after the school had left I ran back to class to see Mr. Yip. He was hanging up posters on the walls and invited me in. I gave him a hand with hanging up the posters. I knelt on the table, my mini skirt hem resting on the curve of my panties, back arched and stomach showing. Flimsy white school blouse barely holding in my 34c's and I couldn’t help but notice Mr. Yip staring at me.

He then held my tiny waist and lifted me off the table. I said "um thanks sir.” as he held my waist he glanced down at my breasts. One of the top buttons and had come loose. I said oh, and while going to re-fasten it, he said no, let me. He began to undo my blouse one button at a time. I could feel him squeezing me closer. He was becoming hard. I said. "Brian, no one's around. I won’t tell if you won’t. ”with that he scooped me up into his arms, I pulled of his shirt. Kissing me passionately and fiercely pushing me up against the wall. He quickly pulled down his shorts slightly, and pulled out his large throbbing cock. I looked down at his muscles tanned 6 pack and Pecks. His shoulders were broad and strong, his arms, buff, and soft to touch. He squeezed my ass and grabbing my panties with both arms, his weight pressed me against the wall, lifting my legs up above his shoulders.

With that he slowly pulled back releasing me slightly then pumped my pussy full of his large thick cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist, slightly lifting my hips higher and lower to get the full pleasure of his cock. "I’m going to come" with that he took me from the wall and onto his desk, doggy style. Bent over on his table, I could feel him deeper and deeper inside of me. "Your dripping" Brian said and laughed. "I love it" finally we both couldn't hold out anymore. I could feel my orgasm filling up inside of me. I screamed as I came. I never came as hard as I did with Mr. Yip. I wanted him to come inside of me, and suddenly I felt, and heard him come inside of me.

Give me a call....

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was going on a short trip with my then boyfriend. Along the way we picked up a hitchhiker. My guy had often talked about wanting to share me with another guy, but I always thought it was just a fantasy. After awhile, we stopped for gas and I had to use the bathroom. Just after I came out of the stall, my boyfriend walked in wearing a big grin. He told me this was our chance for an anonymous threesome. I said I wasn't sure but I could see he already had a hard on. He began kissing me and rubbing my tits and it never took much to get me wet and hot. He pushed up my t-shirt and unhooked my bra and began sucking on my nipples as he ground his hardness into my crotch. I was panting and wet and horny and he pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties. Just then, the door opened and in walked our hitchhiker. I could see he was hard too. Soon both their big hard cocks were exposed to me. I was really horny now! My boyfriend bent me over the sink, telling me to spread. Soon he was deep up my pussy grinding around in me. I was groaning loudly, begging him to fuck me hard. First he told me I had to suck on our hitchhiker's cock and he turned my head toward the guy, who had his cock out, ready for me. My boyfriend watched as the guy pushed it in my mouth and told me to start sucking him. It was a big hard cock and I went to work, my head bobbing in pleasure as his cock fucked my throat. I was grunting in pleasure as my boyfriend around around in my cunt telling me to make the guy cum - he wanted to see cum dripping out of my mouth. The guy held my head and really face fucked me, grunting and groaning as he fucked my throat deeply and my boyfriend eased his cock around in me. The guy came with a loud hoot - a big load down my throat and squirted on my face. He pulled out to watch my boyfriend give it to me. There I was, bent over the sink, my face covered in hot, sticky cum as my boyfriend began to get his cock deep up my cunt, slowly but deeply fucking me as I begged him to make me cum. I suddenly came but he kept going. I know he was turned on by all this! Then he pulled out and I groaned and yelled for him to keep fucking me. Then he grabbed my ass and spread me open and lubricated his cock with my pussy juices. He eased up into my asshole - oh, he was big and hard. He worked around a bit in me as I begged him to fuck me. The other guy was getting hard again and rubbing his cock close by my face. My boyfriend asked him if he could cum again and he said YES! Then my boyfriend began to fuck my ass and I was lost in how good it felt. He had me by my nipples as he fucked my asshole. Suddenly there was cum on my face - a lot of cum - and my boyfriend was so deep and big up my ass. It hurt, but it was wonderful being used this way! I was cumming hard and then my boyfriend came up my ass. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk. I was so happy, worn out, and sore, but it was the best sex I'd ever had. The guys left me to clean up and then I joined them in the car. We dropped off the guy about 20 miles later.